Our Projects

A key aspect for the sustainability of the strategy is diversification, not only geographically, but also in terms of capacity, location and technology. To date, the projects developed by the company include several highly innovative solutions in both Italy and Poland, wind and battery and PV, with a total capacity of over 35MWp and a 50MWh BESS (Battery Energy Storage System).


San Vero Milis is located on the west coast of Sardinia.

 The Project consists of 6 photovoltaic plants on the land of a single owner with a total capacity of 24 MWp. The Project foresees the coexistence of the plants with the pastoral activity that has always been practised by the owners. As a result, the plant falls into the category of “agrovoltaic” plants that should benefit – according to rumours – from inventions under the PNNR.

E4F holds 25 percent of “K4 Energie” company, which owns the Project

Total gross power
24 MWP
Authorization process status
aUTORIZZAZIONE UNICA applied within 15/06/2023
45 hectares

San Vero Milis


The Trześniów Project is located in the Lubuskie voivodeship.

In the local zoning plan two sites have been identified, where the two wind turbines will be installed.

E4F holds 25 percent of “K4 Energie” company, which owns the Project

Total gross power
Authorization process status
RTB-WTG supply negotiation

Lubuskie voivodeship.


The Złotów Project (PV&BESS)  is located in the Wielkopolskie voivodeship.

The innovative aspect of the Project is the installation of a battery energy storage system (Battery Energy Storage System – BESS) with a planned capacity of 50 MWh.

The aim of the investment is to create a system for storing electrical energy. It is a totally zero-emission technology, without the dispersion of chemicals into the environment during operation.

Renewable energies are often criticized for not being stable as their production depends on weather conditions. Energy storage can help reduce fluctuations in energy production and improve the quality of the electricity supplied, e.g. by changing its voltage and frequency.

Total gross power
6 MWP / 50 MWH
Authorization process status
7.53 hectares - Land right acquired by public tender

Wielkopolskie voivodeship.

Why Poland?

Thanks to solid economic growth, low unemployment and low public debt, Poland has been attracting increasing foreign investment for more than a decade, particularly in the manufacturing and energy sectors.

Its positive demographic trend, historical and cultural ties with Italy and the quality of its universities and polytechnics are fertile ground for companies looking for dynamic environments and highly qualified personnel. 

In particular, Poland is also the country in Europe with the highest need for decarbonisation.

For these reasons, the country is one of the main investment markets for renewable energies to which all major players in the sector are turning.

Not surprisingly, the Renx Group’s main operational headquarters are in Poland.