Together we are stronger

Our Partners

Renx Italia S.r.l.

A joint venture company by Syma Group S.r.l./Syma Holding and Clear Energy S.r.l. The company is involved in the development and design of wind and photovoltaic plants in Italy, Romania, Poland and the Balkans (Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria).

Syma holding SNC

A company founded by Marco Ferrara and Sylwia Hildegarda Bernaś in 2020.


An independent power producer with long-term expertise in hydropower sector who offers to local authorities its collaboration and technical-specialist experience to carry out studies, designs and construction of new plants for the production of green energy (from renewable sources).

Our Collaborations

According to its founding values, E4F is also committed to improving living conditions in underdeveloped countries. That is why we partner with the Sopowerful Foundation, which builds photovoltaic installations in Africa to provide electrical power to essential facilities (hospitals, schools, villages…) that would otherwise have no access to any electricity.